Premium Bat Blood Witch's Pantry Spice Jar

Price: $16.95

When you need Bat Blood, there's only one place to go to get the best, Halloween24x7. Halloween24x7 imports the world's best bat Blood straight from our office in Transylvania. It works great for potions and spells and adds a nice bite to soups and stews.

This beautifully aged Bat Blood Apothecary spice jar looks great on any table or shelf. It's a perfect Halloween decoration for any home or haunted house. The quality and attention to detail that goes into this jar and its contents is top notch. I created realistic looking Bat Blood contents and aged the jar both inside and out to give it a perfect distressed look and feel.

Label reads: Premium Bat Blood. Imported from Transylvania. For use in Potions and Brews. Use Sparingly.

Jar is approximately: 4.25 inches tall x 1.75 inches wide x 1.75 inches deep

If this item it out of stock, and you would like to place an order for one, please contact me to create a custom piece just for you.

Note: We're currently standardizing on a spice jar style, so the jar displayed may be different than the one we send out. Worry not, it will be the same great quality.