Poison Frog Secretion Apothecary Bottle

Price: $16.95

Need a poison that will work quickly and is virtually undetectable? We've got the perfect poison for you. Halloween24x7's specially formulated South American poison frog secretion has a guarantee of death in 3 minutes or your money back. Just send back your unused portion for testing and we will issue a refund.

This is a great looking prop with a with a whimsical label that I designed with creepy looking contents and a painstakingly aged bottle to give it a perfect antiqued appearance. Perfect as a home decoration for your shelf or table.

The label reads: Poison Frog Secretion - South America's Finest. Death within 3 minutes or your money back.

7.5" Tall x 2" Wide x 2" Deep

If this item it out of stock or if you would prefer a unique color scheme, please contact me to create a custom piece just for you.

Each jar is unique and may look slightly different from the photo. The jar style will be the same as the one displayed in the photo. Quality and attention to detail are my top priority so you will receive the best that I have to offer.