Golden Skull Apothecary Jar

Pirates love their spirits, but more than that, they love a beautiful skull head jar to store them in. The Halloween24x7 Golden Skull Apothecary Jar is the most sought after jar by pirates of the high seas. Now you can have your very own hand crafted skull head pirate jar as a decoration in your home or haunted house.

I selected this jar for use as a skull head jar due to it's short wide shape. First I adhered the skull to the jar and then draped it in cloth using cloth mache application techniques giving it a leathery look. I then gave the jar and skull a black base coat. Next I wrapped the top of the jar it in twine, lightly dry brushed the jar and skull with gold paint, and applied multiple layers of paint and stain to give the entire bottle the perfect amount of aging.

This is a very classy looking piece that can be displayed stand-alone on a shelf, as a centerpiece or grouped with other bottles and jars as a apothecary collection. In a haunt, it's a perfect addition to any pirate ship, witch's lair, medicine curio, or mad scientist laboratory scene.

Jar is approximately: 6 inches tall x 3 inches wide x 3 inches deep

Golden Skull Pirate Jar
Golden Skull Apothecary JarGolden Skull Halloween Witch JarGolden Skull Pharmacy JarGolden Skull Potion Jar
Price: $25.00

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