Evil Jester Mini Jack O' Lantern

The Evil Jester is one of the first pieces in my new line of mini clay mache Jack O' Lantern Halloween decorations. He's quite special since I love creepy jesters and clowns and tend to gravitate towards them with my custom props and costumes.

Taking these handcrafted pieces from start to finish is a detailed and interesting process:

  • Build up a paper mache armature to provide a perfect starting shape.
  • Sketch the face and craft the stem and prepare for sculpting. At this point, I'm ready to make a batch of handmade paper mache clay. By making my own paper mache clay, I have full control over the quality and consistency so that it works best for my style of sculpting.
  • Once the clay is ready, I carefully apply it to the paper mache armature building it up and sculpting in the detail. Once I'm satisfied, I place it on my drying rack with fans blowing to dry for the next 48 hours.
  • Once the clay dries into a beautiful hard shell over the paper mache, I carve out the eyes and mouth.
  • Now It's paint time! I apply 5 layers of varying colors and using different brushing techniques in order to get just the right depth and dimension. Once satisfied with the paint job, I seal it with a high-quality clear coat for a perfect finish and protection.

This Evil Jester Mini Jack O' Lantern is truly one of a kind. He is 100% handcrafted from start to finish. I hope you appreciate the time and attention to detail that goes into this piece as much as I enjoy creating him.

5.5" Tall x 4.5" Wide x 4.5" Deep

If this item it out of stock, and you would like to place an order for one, please contact me to create a custom piece just for you.

Evil Jester Paper Clay Sculpture
Clay Mache Halloween DecorationClay Mache Pumpkin SculptureEvil Jester Halloween DecorationEvil Jester Jack O' Lantern
Price: $30.00

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