Coffin Nails Witch's Brew Ingredient

How many times have you needed some good quality aged coffin nails for your witch's brew and only had fresh ones on-hand? Look no further, Halloween24x7's nails are aged to perfection and harvested from the best cemeteries. We'll even overnight them to you if there's no Halloween24x7 store in your neighborhood.

This beautifully aged coffin nails ingredient jar is the perfect Halloween prop for any table or shelf whether in a home or in a professional haunt. I put a lot of detail into the jar and its contents so that it looks as realistic as possible.

  • I painstakingly designed the custom product label to get just the right look and feel.
  • I aged the inside of the glass jar by applying multiple layers of paint in varying colors using distressing techniques learned by Allen Hopps.
  • In parallel to this process, I textured the lid to make it look old and rusty.
  • Once the jar was dry, I applied the label and distressed the outside with multiple layers of stain in varying colors finishing it off with a protective clear coat.
  • I created realistic looking rusty nails and carefully adhered them in place inside the jar to nail the perfect look into place (Ha! see what I did there?).

This attention to detail is what makes my props stand out from the rest whether viewed from afar or up-close. I hope that you enjoy displaying my props as much as I enjoy creating them.

7" Tall x 4" Wide x 4" Deep

If this item it out of stock or if you would prefer something more unique, please contact me to create a custom piece just for you.

Each jar is unique and may look slightly different from the photo. The jar style will be the same as the one displayed in the photo. Quality and attention to detail are my top priority so you will receive the best that I have to offer.

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Price: $16.00


for real?

are these simply props or are these actual coffin nails? (-:

Daboo's picture

They are props

They are nails that I distressed to create a realistic looking prop.

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