Cloth Covered Skull and Crossbones Spice Jar

Price: $19.95

Pirates love their flavorful food, mostly because they don't always have the best eats on the high seas. The smart ones have well sealed, awesome looking Cloth Covered Skull and Crossbones Spice Jars to store their treasured spices in. The Halloween24x7 Cloth Covered Skull and Crossbones Spice Jar is the most sought after spice jar around. It's sealed so tightly to keep the spicy contents fresh, you'd thing the lid was glued on (which it just so happens to be :-) ). Now you can have your very own hand crafted Cloth Covered Skull and Crossbones Spice Jar as a decoration in your home or haunted house.

I really enjoy making the Cloth Covered Skull and Crossbones Spice Jars. I make sure that the right level of detail is applied to each to meet my high standards.

  • I start by casting my own skull and crossbones pieces to apply to the cap and the front and back of the spice jar.
  • I then rough up the cap (the cap started it, really) and apply a mortar mixture to it to give it a pitted and rustic look.
  • I apply numerous wet and dry brush coats of paint to the cap to give it the proper distressed look and then apply a clear coat to seal it up nicely.
  • Once the cap is done, I move on to working on the spice jar. I re-purpose jars that have character, or that I feel I can give character to with a vision.
  • I start on it by adhering the hand molded skull and crossbones to the front and back of the jar.
  • I Cut the fabric that will be used for the cloth mache and apply to the jar using cloth mache crafting techniques.
  • I should probably mention that every step of the way has dry time, so while this seems fairly simple and straight forward, it normally spans out across several days.
  • Once the cloth is set and dried in place, I apply a black base coat and highlight the black with a metallic paint and then distress the entire jar with multiple coats of stain.
  • Once I'm satisfied, I glue on the lid and seal the entire piece with a nice clear coat.

I have been making these jars for quite some time and they are a favorite with haunters that have a pirate, witch's or mad scientist sets as well as home displays. If you have one of these, you'll want to keep it on display all year 'round.

The spice jar is approximately: 5 inches tall x 1.75 inches wide x 1.75 inches deep

If this item it out of stock, and you would like to place an order for one, please contact me to create a custom piece just for you.