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Talking through the steps of making a silicone mold. This video is real-time without editing and I talk through the entire process. The first mold takes roughly 26 minutes from start to finish and then I roll directly into making four smaller ones.

Making Silicone Mold using Platsil 71-11

I've been making a lot of new pieces for Halloween24x7 and posting progress/ finished pics along the way, but I'm figuring it's probably getting boring seeing pics of me saying "more sanding", etc, so, at the request of a friend, I'm going to start posting videos of my process.

David at Halloween24x7 in the Kre8Now Makerspace

We are pleased to announce that Halloween24x7 and Augury & Alchemy are sharing a booth at the upcoming Market for Mischief: Faeries, Freaks & Fools Edition.

If you're in the area and like Art and/or Like to eat good food, we'll be setup in booth 4 in the garden area on Saturday Jun 23 until 5pm. We hope you'll stop by and see some of the cool new stuff we've been working on.

Baby Doll Head Flower Pot

We're thrilled to have our newest pieces in High on Art and Coffee at 523 E High

Ellie Harman of High on Art and Coffee