is evolving

When we formed, our vision was to scan people and sell miniatures. While we can still do that, our vision has evolved.

We still own the scanning technology and are making use of it, however, rather than providing small scale statuettes of people from our scans, we're providing life size 3D prints.
This digital lifecasting process gives us the ability to gather high-resolution scans and provide detailed 3D Prints of faces/heads and bodies for making perfectly fitting masks and prosthetics. From this point, the cleaned up 3D print may either be used as-is, or mass produced using high-quality resin, thus giving you the ability to have multiple armatures to work from simultaniously or as a new product line for your business.

Feel free to drop us a note to learn more about the digital lifecasting process and what we can do for you.

Happy Haunting,


Half Mask Head Sculpting Armature
Half Mask Sculpting ArmatureHalf Mask Head ArmatureFace Life Cast ArmatureFacial VerificationLower Face Armature TestUpper Face Armature TestNose Armature