Last year we were invited to attend the innaugural Wicked Wonders Market in downtown Lexington at the Pavillion before the Thriller Parade. This was one of our highlights last year. There were so many great vendors and awesome people that came out to support us all.

Rusted Iron 3D Necklace

We're all set to vend at Barktoberfest again this year. Last year was the innagural event and the coordintators did a wonderful job organizing and getting the word out. This year is supposed to be even bigger. We look forward to seeing you there.

Iron Skull Ring

We're happy to announce that we're teaching a silicone mold making and cold-casting class at the Halloween and Hauntfest Show this year. We've got an excellent Hands-on Workshop planned for those that would like to learn more.

Rusted Iron Cold Casting

We signed-up early for the Twilight in the Triange evening event and are happy to say that we got a great spot down at High on Art and Coffee. We've got a great nightime booth designed and ready for the Halloween season.

Brass Baby Doll Head Candle Holder

The Kentucky Wine and Vine Fest Art Walk walk was a great success!

Halloween24x7 Booth