Jack-o-Lanterns painted clear coated and drying

In this article, I'll share step-by-step how I created my mini jack-o-lanterns and lessons learned.

Removing clay master from newly formed moldI just created my first mold out of hydrostone plaster and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. It's of a skull that I sculpted from clay last week for use as refrigerator magnets.

Today I decided to get started on my Halloween Projects for the year. First up is a New Halloween24x7 sign to use for shows and conventions. I'm making it out of blue foam coated in Foam Coat. When I checked my supply of foam coat, I realized I was low, so I used a piece of scrap foam to see if mortar and the acrylic fortifier work the same as foam coat and bounce. I read some time back that it was virtually the same. I'll check on it in the morning and see if it worked. The sign is carved up, weathered and aged. I plan to make it look like it's an aged thick metal sign. So far, I'm quite pleased with how it's turning out. Here's a progress pic. 

Halloween24x7 Sign in-progress

David working on mini ghostWelcome All to the new and improved

Since Halloween, I decided to take a break from building props and decorations and focus on my website. My goal was to replace my Shopify store with a store that I had full creative control over. I wanted to be able to customize even the most minute details to provide an excellent experience. So far, I have a very easy to use administrative UI, my blogs and a full blown store. How is that "special", you may be asking... I have automated many of the mundane tasks that require attention at other sites, so my focus can be more in the creative realm.