Current Photography IterationMaking stuff isn't all about simply the creative process. Especially when you want to make a living at it or do it as a side job. There's so much more to it, such as taking good photos of your work, getting them online, possibly on various sites to get out there and being seen. The list goes on and on. In this entry, I'm only going to focus on one facet, and that's taking photos. Uptime Monitoring

While Monitoring your site's uptime may not be directly related to Halloween, building decorations and props, etc, your web presence is important to your business. If your site is having issues and people can't see what you've got, you'll lose them. If search engines hit your site to do an index and your down, you'll miss out on important content being indexed and listed on the engine so that you can be found. Monitorning your site's uptime is not as complicated or expensive as it may seem.

Paper Mache Clay Drying RackAfter using many different paper mache clay recipes and going through a steep learning curve when I first started, I decided to assemble a walkthrough tutorial with hints, tips and tricks to help others make a nice batch of clay.

Brass Skull Cold CastingAs many of you may have seen, I have been experimenting with making molds and casting pieces. I've made a couple plaster molds, and just wasn't thrilled with the limitations that it presented. While I believe plaster is great for molds for latex casts, that's not where I'm going at the moment.