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You may have noticed that we're posting a lot more nowadays. That's because we are really excited about the things that we're working on and want to share our creative process and hopefully inspire others to create and share. We've had some great chats with our fellow Halloween and Haunt enthusiasts which has helped give us a second wind and the motivation to keep on pushing forward.

Flexible Foam Casting of Hand

Last year we were invited to attend the innaugural Wicked Wonders Market in downtown Lexington at the Pavillion before the Thriller Parade. This was one of our highlights last year. There were so many great vendors and awesome people that came out to support us all. The Thriller page is huge and has had up to 20,000 in attendance, so we're looking forward to being back again this year. We hope you'll come down and join us for a great time.

Rusted Iron 3D Necklace