We're pleased to announce that we are a proud sponsor of the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center's Halloween Soiree.

When Kellie McClure approached me a few months ago and asked Halloween24x7 if we could build some props and provide the ambiance, for their Halloween Soiree, I gladly accepted the challenge. I think it's important that we support our community and they are a wonderful organization that educates and support those in need.

Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center's Halloween Soiree

This year we had a booth at Scarefest and weren't really sure what to expect. I'm happy to say that it was awesome. Thank you to all that stopped by and checked out our handmade handcrafted Halloween and Haunt themed pieces. We worked really hard to step up our booth layout and to get Mr. Handsy 2 with arm movement and sound finished up in time. Mr. Handsy was well received and worked like a charm.

Halloween24x7 Booth at Scarefest