We went to HAuNTcon 2017 and had a great time taking classes and talking to fellow haunt enthusiasts. I was interviewed by Doug with VFX during the costume ball while wearing my Mr. Handsy costume. Doug was a lot of fun to interview with. Here's the interview. It should start at 23 minutes 7 seconds for my interview. I can't wait until HAuNTcon 2018 so that I can hang out with the new friends that I made and make more friends.

Mr Handsy and Sinister Sidney

Jessamine Journal Halloween24x7 InterviewLast Friday at the Jessamine Creative Art League Art Walk I was thrilled to be interviewed by Tosha Baker from the Jessamine Journal. I had no idea what to expect and she did great waking me through the interview making me feel calm and comfortable.

Doll Head Candle Holder First PullLadybug First PullI've been working diligently on a new mold for my Baby Doll Head Candle Holder and finally finished it last night and cast my first iron cold cast resin piece tonight.

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