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We're making lots of new pieces that we think you're really going to love:

  • Our popular Baby Doll Head Candleholder, which now has a planter variation looks creepy cool with a succulent or flowering plant coming out of the top of it's head.

  • Our new Skull lineup includes a Bat Skull Candleholder, Necklace and Keychain and of course the Human Skull Flowerpot and Candleholder / Catch All is sure to be a conversation starter.

We hope you'll stop by and pick up the perfect bizarre and beautiful piece to show off your unique style. 

Mr. Handsy being attacked by Freddy and Jason

Talking through the steps of making a silicone mold. This video is real-time without editing and I talk through the entire process. The first mold takes roughly 26 minutes from start to finish and then I roll directly into making four smaller ones. I share a lot about what I've learned over the years and explain a lot of the why. I even leave in the mistakes, so you will know what to look out for and how to push past.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences, so please leave your comments below.

Making Silicone Mold using Platsil 71-11